About Me

Hi, I’m Daphna

UX/UI designer for the past 8 years, including 5 years in the field of developing diverse digital products in the field of education for both students and teachers.

I have an understanding and experience in designing digital products for desktop and mobile: content management systems, interactive widgets, websites and applications. I have a lot of experience working with developers, understanding in developing and conducting QA for the designs.

I’m interested in depth in Design systems and building components in Figma which will be easy for the relevant users to use.

In the past I worked in the field of digital advertising and before that in print advertising.


Concept for an intra-organizational communication system

A system that will ensure communication, dialogue, collaboration and coordination between business units and meeting goals, and will create a strong internal organizational brand that increases people’s sense of pride and commitment to the organization

ITSM Challenge

Design layout for a ticket page with a demonstration of a flow of the service provider sending a guide to the end user.

Design System

This project introduces the Atomic design system – how it is built and how the components should be created in Figma.

High School Course App

Planning a course app for high school students 
CET (Center for Educational Technology)


A collection of screenshots for impression by the variety of works I have designed over the years

Motion Graphics

Animated Infographics

The use of animation has become very popular in recent years and upgrades the user experience.
Animated Infographics can add motion and interest to both websites and presentations.

After Effects

App Presentation

Presentation of the app flow


Daphna Alon